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COPILOT SKI TRAINER REVIEWS - real feedback from serious skiers!!

We tried it last weekend and it was awesome.  Really like the fact that it harnesses at the feet.  It gives a range of motion for the child that is much better than if at the chest.  My son felt less constrained that way.  Also the option of turning the clips at the front to pull is a major plus.  The elastic section of the cord at the bottom part is great as there's less of a yank - it's more gentle.  Sebastien P. - Montreal, Canada

We had a chance to use CoPilot this past weekend in Upstate NY and it worked great.  I saw a number of people using the type of harness that attaches at the child's waist, but it didn't seem to work as well as the one I had.  It was great to be able to actually initiate the turn for my daughter and let her feel how the turn should be.  The other systems I've seen don't have this ability.  She had a ball skiing for her first time and has been asking ever since when we can go again...this is the point I figure, keep them in love with it!  Britt W. - New Jersey

I loved CoPilot!  It was easy to use and my 4 yr old did so well.  She loved it and was happy to know I was close but she could still feel like she was doing everything "by herself".  I really liked the fact that the straps were around her boots and not her chest.  This did help to keep her weight distribution where it needs to be natually, not always pulling her back forcing her to pull her upper body where it needs to be.  I feel she will learn correct positioning with CoPilot.  I truly think it is a great product.  Vanessa K. - Steamboat Springs, CO

It has been unbelievable the progress my 3.5 yr old daughter has made in just two ski days with CoPilot.  I really like the convenience of the carry bag and how easily the clips detach from the straps on the boots.  Much easier to unclip and to figure out how to attach than the other ski harness.  Sage is able to ski more independently with CoPilot and it has helped me to feel more confident by allowing her more freedom to explore her own movements.  I like the added feature of towing.  It is easy to pull her and because I do not get as tired out from pushing or carrying her everywhere we are able to stay out on the hill longer.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn to ski without the frustration we were experiencing previously.  I can't wait to take Sage out skiing again. Tori S. - Wiarton, Canada

I've wanted to take my 5 year old daughter skiing for a while but was worried it was going to be traumatic - or at the very least, a frustrating and tear-filled experience if she wasn't good at it right away.  We finally made it out last weekend with a CoPilot Ski Trainer, and I was amazed how well it worked for us.  It's simple to use - pretty much click and go - and by the end of our first run she was hooked on skiing.  On day 2 she was feeling so confident with CoPilot that we even went on a few chair lift runs.  She was loving every minute of it!  It is really a great tool for beginners.  Andrew C. - Toronto, Canada

When I tried it I felt like it was really pushing the student to a forward stance, so this device is much better than a traditional harness for kids, because a harness has the tendency to pull them backwards. CoPilot is holding them at the feet – it’s much better for balance.  Sarah Marty, CSIA Level 3 Professional Ski Instructor/French Level Four certification, Cypress Mountain, Vancouver BC

I used CoPilot with my three year old daughter last weekend and I think it’s great!  So many positives – it was easy to attach to the boots with Velcro, and the clips are perfect – it’s easy to put on and off when wearing thick gloves.  It's also very compact and easy to stow/carry when not in use. It’s really better than a torso harness – they would tend to cause them to lean back as you pull on the straps. Your reins allow them to learn to bend their knees, lean forward, and put their hands out in front. I like how you can control their feet to induce turning using their skis, and I like the elastic piece that absorbs some shock. The movement of manipulating one ski to turn (encouraging a weight shift from the right to left ski to turn right) certainly trains the learners to use their downhill ski.  Rob F. - New York NY

I liked the freedom it gave to my 3 year old son with his balance and weight. It definitely allowed him to experience skiing while learning to control his skis. I loved the ease of clipping in and out. Overall it is quite different than the regular torso harness. If a child starts with CoPilot he or she would learn balance and the freedom of skiing very quickly, as the safety net of a body harness is not there to fix his balance. I think the freedom of CoPilot can develop the abilities of a skier more quickly than the regular harness. Dave W. - Vancouver, BC

It was really amazing! I’ve been through teaching two kids already – and what a difference with CoPilot.  I was up the chairlift right away and on the slopes with my five year old son.  After only a couple of runs he had made huge progress balancing on his skis.  I never would have lasted that long using the old school techniques!  He was skiing on his own after only a few ski days – I was amazed.  Now the whole family is skiing and boarding together again.  Julia W. - Vancouver, BC